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Eastwood Partners is a full-service association and nonprofit management and event planning company. Started in 1994, we can manage small to medium size groups providing affordable, member-focused support to volunteer-governed organizations. Eastwood can offer each client the unique mix of management and support that they require based on the individual organization's mission and desired approach. We strive to provide members with a trusted resource where they can network and thrive, keeping visibility on and control in the hands of volunteer leadership who can pursue the association’s mission with confidence knowing that they have the reliable support they need.

Eastwood’s network of team members allows us the flexibility to meet each client’s unique needs, and to transition to management of new clients quickly and seamlessly. Our relatively small staff is able to cultivate and develop personal relationships with members, media and sponsors, creating a far more direct and knowledgeable environment. We are accustomed to working with organizations that have a strong volunteer core, including very active boards, working hand-in-hand with the leaders that dedicate their time and efforts to supporting the underlying entity and cause.

We are both innovative and responsive in our approach to association and non-profit management, stepping up to fill needs wherever they arise to allow the organization to continue to function efficiently and effectively. Operating with a strong team spirit of “how can we get this done together,” rather than focusing on what we are contracted to do and what is outside the scope of our responsibilities, our people are nimble enough to shift the approach as each client evolves and grows. We carry this spirit into each client organization as we integrate into their management team.

Eastwood Partners Profile

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